Blushes Inverse

Daredevils’ Drums


The name “Blushes Inverse” reflects how this white wine is made from red Pinotage grapes. No charcoal was used to strip the colour of the wine, as is usually the case when white wine is made from red grapes. Fully ripe grapes were selected and harvested by hand and pressed whole bunch immediately. The juice underwent controlled oxidation to brown any pink-colour pigments present and this was done carefully to not remove the primary Pinotage fruit. The juice was then fermented in small barrels with indigenous yeast. During fermentation the brown colour drops out and the resulting wine has a beautiful peach to light golden color. The wine went through 100% malolactic fermentation and then matured for 11 months in 25% 1st fill, 25% 2nd fill and 50% 3rd fill barriques.

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